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Crocodile Man

Steel tribal sculpture.

A renowned local artist and art dealer told me it is of the Benin tribe, but I have not found anything similar by them on-line.

The Larskrutak tribe of Papua New Guinea are well know for their skin carving, quite often related to crocodiles - but again nothing similar found.

The Kaningara tribe in the Middle Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea are also know for their affiliation to crocodiles - and again nothing similar found.

Can you help identify the origins of this piece, or eliminate one of the 3 possible's above ?    Who created it and where ?    It does seem to be rare, in that I can NOT find any similar examples.

Height   7 inches

Weight  272 grams

if you can answer any of the questions above or can shed some light on it - please contact me.

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