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The foundry mark.

Easter Island Man

I am keen to hear from anyone who has any similar work, the same foundry mark, or who recognises the artists work.

This is an unusual and unique piece of modern art (c1960s) by a talented artist.  It is a ‘one-of’ and it is very unlikely that another exists.

But the artist MUST have created other works, and maybe you can recognise his/her talent.

I know that this is not really like the Easter Island statues - but when I first saw this - it was the first thing that came to mind.  So that is what I have called it ever since.    It has been worked (smithed) from steel, patinated by hand and mounted on unfinished wood.

Height  11 inches

Weight 12.8 pounds

During my research I came across the work of Reg Butler (1913-81) who had all the skills to produce something like this and is of the correct era.  Also the foundry mark (on the inside of the right leg,  shown below left) could easily be correct.

Anyone who can help - please contact me

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